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In the News section, we keep you up to date on completed projects. Together with our customers, we have already been able to experience and improve numerous open spaces. Here you will find individually realized co-creations that have been established in cooperation with our customers and partners. Immerse yourself in the latest news of open space equipment and street furniture.

September 2023


The transformation of Berlin's Herzberg-Campus is progressing. New, wonderful seating and plantable elements now beautify the area.

August 2023

"Düsseldorf -IDR"

BIG PLANTERS make it easier for you to create cozy meeting places and restful places of relaxation. Two raised beds (made of corteen steel and movingui wood) were set up in Düsseldorf IDR.


Juni 2023


Recently we came across two (older) very interesting reports on our projects in Osnabrück and Bochum on the net.

But just see for yourself.

Juni 2023

Bad Windsheim

Modern meets historical: The classic crowd favourite of the old town is not to be disconnected from the rest of the city's development until the State Garden Show in 2027. This is important to Mayor Jürgen Heckel and the city council. After all, it is part of the concept "Healthy. Urban. Traditional". The "parlour" of Bad Windsheim will therefore receive a new, weather-resistant "interior" piece by piece until the major event. 33 benches with and without backrests, 17 waste bins, 24 planters and a few loungers have already been newly installed and are very popular!
Squares and other places to linger in the historic city centre were decorated with the aim of making the city centre more inviting and thus revitalising it. The starting signal was given in the last snow flurry of spring at the lake chapel. This was followed by the Klosterplatz with generous wooden loungers and a planter, as well as the Bürgerbrunnen in Pastoriusstraße with half-round bench.
Extra designs were delivered for the marketplace, so that it is possible to dismantle the benches for the markets and events without much effort.

Wood: 100% FSC certified Douglas fir,

Planter are partially moveable with a forklift.

Mai 2023

Fürth - More green in urban areas

Cities are increasingly struggling with higher average temperatures due to the heavy development. One measure to counteract this is to create more green spaces.

Since greening or even planting trees through pipes and lines laid in the ground is often not possible, the demand for green seating islands is increasing.

The city of Fürth has also upgraded - new raised beds, as well as seating beautify the city center and create shady places to linger.

A total of 32 buckets were delivered by Bernd Fischer GmbH & Co.KG. The sturdy metal vessels were partly equipped with seat cushions made of Douglas fir wood, so that the green islands can be used as a meeting place and shady place to rest.

More greenery in cities is a big topic, which has been brilliantly implemented here and not only pleases nature lovers. The planting was bee-friendly, equipped with species- and flower-rich mixed perennial plants.

In the case of the plant troughs, individual design options in terms of shape and dimensions are possible.
Square, round, with or without seat cover, possibly also with backrest or additional armrests, ... according to what the municipality wants.

A big advantage of these planters is that they can be moved at events. For this purpose, rails were placed under the troughs, which are therefore suitable for forklift movement.

And also to get a street more traffic-calmed, the "Big Planters" are excellent.

April 2023

Bad Windsheim - Uniform oases of peace in the city centre

Quiet islands that invite you to linger and become popular photo motifs.

In view of the State Garden Show 2027, benches, loungers and rubbish bins have already been set up today

A first such "oasis", as Mayor Jürgen Heckel calls it, is now located at the Seekapelle in Bad Windsheim

With a view to the State Garden Show 2027, numerous benches model "Fritz" and optically matching waste bins model "Quattro" have already been set up by the hard-working employees of the municipal building yard.

Park bench model Fritz 1200 B

with backrest
Seat height 48 cm
Cap and frame: post made of round tube Ø 100mm.
Side panel made of seawater-resistant aluminum sand casting alloy.
Powder coating: RAL7016 anthracite grey
Mounting: For doweling at level
Seat cushion: consisting of 7 planks 49×49 mm; backrest made of 4 planks 49×49 mm Douglas fir planks FSC-certified, natural
No screws visible.
Dimensions: L/D/H 176x62x82 cm
Weight: 53kg

Waste bin model Quattro

Capacity: 50 litres
Mounting: For screwing on level
Frames made of tubular steel 50×30 mm, hot-dip galvanized, with built-in
self-closing triangular locking;
Cover made of sheet steel 8 mm and bottom made of sheet steel 2 mm.
Powder coating in RAL 7016 anthracite grey.
Sheathing of 18 slats 30×60 mm Douglas fir planks
FSC-certified, natural
The container must be opened at the front. Complete incl. hot-dip galvanized insert.
Dimensions: L/W/H 34x34x106 cm; Weight: 35 kg


April 2023

Pfaffengrunder Terrace completes the city centre

Bahnstadt: The district continues to grow in leaps and bounds

None of our current projects. But since it has lost none of its radiance, we don't want to withhold it from you.

Bahnstadt – Heidelberg's young passive house housing estate – is developing in leaps and bounds: in 2021, the buildings at the new city entrance on Europaplatz grew upwards, the conference centre is already visible and construction of the Kopernikusquartier (opposite the shopping centre) with 200 apartments has begun. The highlight of the Bahnstadt year 2021 was the opening of the Pfaffengrunder Terrace, the new square for all age groups. The completion of the project completed the district centre: from Gadamerplatz you can now walk across the Pfaffengrunder Terrace to the promenade – an area that covers around 20,000 square metres and will soon be completely car-free.
On October 22, 2021, the city administration and citizens opened the Pfaffengrunder Terrace. The result is a meeting place for all age groups with offers for exercise, recreation and events. The Pfaffengrunder Terrasse is located right in the center of Bahnstadt. To the south, adjacent to Gadamerplatz and Langer Anger, where a traffic-calmed area is being created, it is an important open space connection from the centre of the district to the promenade with the further cycle path. At around 12,000 square meters, it is the second largest open space in Bahnstadt. There are 125 trees growing on the site. In addition, a lawn of around 2,200 square meters was created in the middle of the square.

The square was equipped with generous seating elements. Here, concrete elements were clad with FSC-certified Douglas fir wood. The elements arranged in rows add up to almost 50 meters in their total length and invite you to linger here with their lying and seating areas. The company Bernd Fischer GmbH & Co KG accompanied the construction project with regard to the open space furniture. The seating furniture was produced by the company euroform -w, whose representative is Bernd Fischer GmbH & Co.KG in Germany. The challenge here was to adapt to the prefabricated concrete elements and to compensate for the dimensional differences. Solid steel elements were used as substructures, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated.
"Places that offer a meeting place fill a neighbourhood with life. Creating these meeting places was important to us from the very beginning in order to develop a lively district. Anyone who is out and about here in the afternoons or on weekends will see that it has worked," says First Mayor Jürgen Odszuck.

March 2023


Isola Bank has become a bestseller within a very short time. Not least because it allows for many variations. In addition to the straight-lined standard bench with and without backrest, the Isola is now also available in round shapes. It can also be used as a sitting and lounging island, also in combination with plant bowls

August 2022

Retreat in the countryside

Organically designed plant islands and wooden seating furniture



For the open space project courtyard and courtyard garden design at Wallstraße 16 in Berlin, we provided the most important stylistic element: organically designed plant islands.

The landscape architects Kretschmer Tauscher Sander redesigned three inner courtyards and the courtyard garden area of the renovated commercial building in Wallstraße in Berlin. The landscape architects drew on our expertise. We manufactured and supplied raised beds made of metal and seating furniture made of wood.

Particularly homogeneous and natural, our individually designed plant islands blend into the open-space atmosphere. The plant islands are designed as raised beds and create a retreat in the countryside, in the middle of the big city of Berlin. The integrated beautiful wooden benches invite you to linger.

April 2021

Kottbusser Strasse Berlin

In Berlin, we were able to combine our alulines raised beds with the beautiful benches from euroform-w, Mod. ISOLA. The raised beds are made of aluminium hollow chamber profiles and impress with their individual look and light weight - especially suitable for installation on roofs.
The raised beds were powder-coated here in DB 703. The ISOLA benches are made of a 100% FSC certified hardwood, Movingui. Dimensions and shapes can also be adjusted according to your wishes.


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December 10, 2020


Ecological revitalization of the Unna district of Königsborn

As early as 2014, the district town created the integrated action concept "Unna Königsborn South-East" for the Unna district of Königsborn. The densely populated district will be strengthened and further developed for future requirements by modernizing and adapting social, structural and structural elements.

As part of the project "Open Space Design Unna Königsborn South-East", the so-called 'Quartiersplatz' was built as a measure under the guiding objective of "Ecological revitalization of the district", which functions as a playground, recreation and communication place for neighborhood residents of all ages under the direction of the neighborhood management. Part of the diverse and multifunctionally designed space is a long angled bench with tables. Based on the Isola model from the company euroform w, the approx. 54-metre-long arrangement winds its way across the square. A game board with chess and mill board has been integrated into the Linea table.

The implementation planning and implementation was carried out by the Unna-based planning office SAF Landschaftsarchitektur together with the municipal road and transport department (preliminary planning by the Stadtkinder office, construction work by Skalski).

The overall measure is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is co-financed by ERDF funds (European Regional Development Fund).

July 07, 2020

Park bench Gala:

A piece of jewelry
for the open space

The extremely elegant bench from euroform meets the highest standards of workmanship and ergonomics. The free-standing bench with ergonomically shaped seat shell is available in different variations. The bench is available with a wooden overlay as well as with a seat cover made of expanded metal.

The combination with different armrests or no armrests give the bench an individual character.

December 18, 2019

Isola Seating Island

In combination with raised bed

In collaboration with: euroform

Harmonious combination of seating islands and planters. The wooden elements are made of 100% FSC certified hardwood, untreated. True to the ecologically sustainable motto of euroform wof which we are the general agent for Germany.


Sommerlad Haase Kuhli
Landschaftsarchitekten PartG mbB Giessen

Bad Homburg

Weyhe, Henry-Wetjen-Platz
November 1, 2019

Individual street furniture

in the form of seat
and planting modules

The nine large elements symbolize the nine "Weyher points" from the municipality's logo.
They have a modular design and can be set up in a wide variety of variants.


Frenz Landschaftsarchitekten, Bremen

Weyhe, Henry-Wetjen-Platz

Municipality of Weyhe, urban planning

In collaboration with: euroform

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