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Plug-in systems
made of aluminium

lightness in material, form & implementation

Aluminium products are light and stable at the same time, rot-proof, fully recyclable, pressable, kneadable, castable, easy to work with, sustainable and, above all, very affordable

Contrary to widespread prejudices, aluminium products have a good eco-balance and an excellent overall energy balance.

To do this, however, you have to look at the Material over the entire life and processing cycle. A significant advantage is the weight. Therefore, our products are also excellent for installation on rooftops or underground garages.

Products for 2- and 4-wheelers
Cars, bicycles & Co


The car stop bumps were developed to demarcate and mark car parking spaces and to be able to label them according to the special wishes of the users. The bar marks and delimits your parking space. It protects the vehicle and the areas behind it against damage and keeps footpaths, squares or green spaces clear. The use of unique aluminium profiles enables a high degree of stability.

The slide-in strip of the stop bar can be individually labelled with name, logo or license plate in any length. It is replaceable, renewable and updatable at any time.

Installation is also possible at a later date on all pavement surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or pavement.

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Box systems for bicycles, scooters & Co.

# Shapely boxes
# Storage
# Rollators, strollers,
bicycle, scooter

The design boxes of Freiraumgestaltung Fischer are suitable as a special storage space, for safe storage for bicycles, strollers or walkers. Our boxes can be used universally. Hot-dip galvanized and coated, they can withstand wind and weather. There are various locking options for the public area. Ideal at train stations and schools.

PLUG-IN SYSTEMS made of aluminium

# Roof areas
# Landscaping
# Greening

Raised beds / bed borders
Made of aluminium

The edging system consists of lightweight aluminum hollow chamber profiles. This means that raised beds and low retaining walls can be manufactured economically and easily installed at the respective location.

We would be happy to advise you on the possible implementation of raised beds with integrated seating.

In the case of bed edging on roof surfaces, the edging hardly creates any additional loads, which has a positive effect on the roof statics and does not require any roof penetrations. The length of the system can be extended with connection plug-in profiles. Can be installed at different heights and integrated stiffeners depending on the load.

The low weight of the raised bed edging is a clear advantage for intensive roof plantation. In this way, even existing roof surfaces can be intensively greened with minimal load.

Planter made of aluminium

In our planters made of lightweight aluminium profiles, the plant is playing to the gallery a contrasting way.


Planters made of double-walled, sturdy aluminium profiles.

The distance to the ground can be determined by means of extended corner profiles – on request also possible with adjustable feet. Softly formed edge end profiles with integrated clamping strap for foils or protective fleeces. Different sizes and heights – made to measure depending on the requirements.

Liner system/
Path limitation

The liner system with the variants of basic and professional liners offers the possibility to produce souround edgings and boundaries in heights of 90 and 120 mm. If the radius is greater than 4.5 m, the liner can be bent on site.

The modular design based on liner profile, clamping plate and peg enables simple and rational assembly with high flexibility. The combination of different liner variants enables variable strengths, radii and visible surfaces. Edging system for pavement surfaces, vegetation areas or eaves areas which is nailed to the substructure without foundations.
Einfassungssystem für Belagsflächen, Vegetationsflächen oder Traufbereiche welches ohne Fundamente im Unterbau vernagelt wird.

Wide range of applications in the entire spectrum of path boundaries and outdoor enclosures.

alulines product groups



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